VARIOKLAV® Steam sterilizers

VARIOKLAV® laboratory autoclaves are designed and manufactured to exacting quality standards for safe, reproducible steam sterilization performance. They are easy to set up, robust and need minimal maintenance.

Our range includes VARIOKLAV® floor-models with a small footprint and compact tabletop autoclaves with capacities from 25 to capacity of 195 liters, which are ideal for laboratories with limited space. The devices have a modular design and they are fully equipped for routine sterilization tasks.

VARIOKLAV® autoclaves are characterized by a solid stainless steel processing and high-quality, low-wear fittings. They are equipped with an ultra-flat steam generator. This design also allows an easy cleaning of the sterilization chamber.

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Suitable for liquids, culture media and solids such as instruments, glassware and equipment as well as waste, when rapid cooling is required. Direct outputs of batch records – for e.g. vacuum and drying processes – are available.