VARIOKLAV® Laboratory autoclaves


Choosing a basic device – Floor or tabletop model?
Floor models make the best use out of the chamber volume by using baskets with the height of respective bottles.
Tabletop models can be easily loaded and unloaded, can be charged without baskets and require a massive table or an undercarriage.

Chambervolume of 25 to 200 litres – Which chamber volume is required and what footprint is available?
The models are manufactured in different sizes. Our in-house production allows us to offer otherwise identically constructed devices with an extended chamber at low costs.

Sterilisers are part of the standard equipment of every microbiological laboratory.
Liquids and culture media are usually autoclaved at 121°C and 134°C. This complies with the requirements of most application fields. The basic devices of our models are already equipped for these typical laboratory tasks. If monitoring of production processes is needed, a special module makes the sterilisation data traceable by printing it directly or by transferring it to external software.

The autoclaves are fitted with a uniform, easy to operate user interface. All phases of the sterilization process are automatically displayed.

Classifications for biological and genetically modified agents or infectious germs in the clinical field are defined according to their risk (also see “Guideline for sterilisation”).
Please clarify the classification of your laboratory and the requirements if needed with the relevant regulatory body.

Choose a from factor

Tabletop models

Outfitted with a space saving swing door, and small depths as well as a slim design. The workspace is free of heating elements and feed water. These models allow a comfortable loading from the front, if set up ina convenient table height.

Floor models
With its uniquely small footprint, the VARIOKLAV® is not much bigger than the sterilizing chamber itself. Shallow heights of 750 mm ease loading and unloading, and an optionally available lift can further relieve personnel.