In order to ensure the lawful and standards compliant operation of our medical device reprocessing equipment (AEMP), it is imperative to train the designated personnel according to the task.

Our training team introduces the use of our AEMP for highly mobile use (LSE) as well as the AEMPs for mobile use (MSE and EL). We offer specific instrument training and instructions for the VARIOKLAV® 65 TC and VARIOKLAV® ECO 300 HC large steam sterilizers. Components of the supply of demineralised water as well as the disposal of the waste water of the mobile systems complete our offer.

Selected topics are treated in systematically structured courses. In small learning groups, your employees will be able to get started in system application or device technology.

We offer standard courses in an excellent learning atmosphere as well as individualized trainings at our or your location.

We will gladly make you an offer adapted to your needs.

Mobile medical device reprocessing