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VARIOKLAV® steam sterilizers comply with the European Pressure Equipment Directive andare equipped and certified for stationary as well as for mobile operation.

Our range includes VARIOKLAV® floor-models with a small footprint and compact tabletop autoclaves with capacities from 25 to capacity of 175 liters, which are ideal for laboratories with limited space. The devices have a modular design and they are fully equipped for routine sterilization tasks . Our VARIOKLAV® autoclaves are characterized by a solid stainless steel processing and high-quality, low-wear fittings. They are equipped with an ultra-flat steam generator. This design also allows an easy cleaning of sterilization.

They are suitable for liquids, culture media, solids such as instruments, glass and equipment as well as waste if very rapid cooling processes are required. There is a direct output at the device batch records, required for example, vacuum or drying processes.





Steam sterilizers and autoclaves

Our VARIOKLAV autoclaves allow quick loading and reliable steam sterilizer with simple operation. In addition to proven laboratory autoclave we offer steam sterilizers with automatic locking-systems and special equipment that are adapted to the requirements in the medical sector ...

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Modular and mobile RUMED

Our modular systems for instrument reprocessing secure medical care mobile contingents of the medical service. Due to its mobility and flexibility they can be used in many areas like in the inpatient hospital sector as well as military users, operators of semi-inpatient hospitals or the civil disaster protection.



Cell-based assays

Our biological analysis platform combined for the first time the light microscopy with sensor-equipped test drives in an automated system. The continuous detection of multiple physiological parameters of cell shows kinetics, which are hidden in classical endpoint assays.