VARIOKLAV® GreenLine 500 ET-142

With the VARIOKLAV® GreenLine, a new product line for floor and tabletop units is launched, which takes on all the significant product advantages of the successful and proven ClassicLine, including the massive central closure. In addition, it offers state-of-the-art technology, functional product details and easy-to-use touch-screen control.


The VARIOKLAV® GreenLine therefore offers:

  • A long service life through low-wear fittings
  • A large usable volume on a small footprint and a low overall height
  • No on-site connections – except electricity (standard)
  • Thus problem-free installation and fast commissioning
  • Easy handling and operation
  • In the case of the floor model heating is external, therefore it has usable space without installations and without wear
  • Optional expansion stages such as process documentation, cooling and exhaust air filtration with condensate sterilization
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Technical data

Model 500 ET-142
Variant 1-door (central lock)
Heating electric
option: sterile steam according to DIN
EN 285, Annex B, Table B.1.
Chamber (Basic model) (W/L/H) [mm] 340/730/430
Effective volume (liter) 110
Dimensions (W/L/H) [mm] 700/XXX/900
Weight [kg] 160
Total volume [l] 142
Loading [optional] lift for sheet metal and mesh baskets
Sterilizing chamber: Single wall in round form, constructed according to the pressurized devices guidelines  2014/68/EU as well as in compliance with DIN EN 285 and DIN 58 950
Laboratory device standard DIN 58 951 class according to equipment
Max. operating pressure [bar]  -1/+2,5 bar
Operating temperature [°C]  98-135
Max. allowed operating temperature [°C]  140
Removal temperature (Thermal barrier) [°C]  40-95
Removal pressure [kPa] 105-120
Safety equipment Separate pressure switch for extraction pressure and maximum working pressure, safety temperature monitor for heating and dry running.
Power consumption [Kw] 6,0
Mains connection 230V / 50 Hz
Socket / fuse Schuko / 16 AT