Dampftopf 400DT

Steamer VARIOKLAV® 400 EH/DT

For thermal stasis, warming and pressureless steaming of growth media.
Also for testing rubber products, ceramics and components in steam.

Simple, efficient, reliable

Steam chamber made of stainless steel 1.4301

Low loading height, very narrow design, space-saving dimensions

Condensate runs down to the edge of the lid

No cooling water required for edge cooling

Venting in the lowest part of the chamber prevents the formation of air pockets

Temperature monitor prevents overloading of the heater

In case there is a shortage of water or overheating of the bottom occurs, the heating switches off completely and automatically

Visual and acoustic fault indication in case of water insufficiency.

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Technical information

Technische Daten


W x H x D  [mm] 500 x 750 x 620
Chamber height [mm] 400
Chamber depth  [mm] 600
Effective volume  [dm3] 95
Power consumption [kW] 3,4
Heat discipation to surroundings apx. 25 % to 35 % of Heating capacity
Mains connection 230 VAC / 50 Hz
Socket/fuse Schukosteckdose/ T 16 A
Rated current  [A] 14,8
Weightt (incl. baskets and ground support) [kg] 70
Ambient temperature  [°C] +5 bis +40
Relative humidity  [%] 10 bis 100
Air pressure  [hPa] 500 bis 1060
Operating temperature range  [°C] 0 bis 105
Resolution  [K] ±1
Safety class I
Ingress Protection (Controls) IP 20
Fuses F1 (primary): T 1 A
F2 (secondary): M 3,15 A
F3 (centrifugal blower, only type DT-EH): T 1 A

Installation dimensions

Installation dimensions


* 1230 with stainless steel lid; 1025 with two-door glass top 




For unattended operation up to the removal signal with continuously adjustable holding temperatures from 40 ° to 98 ° C or fixed temperature at 98 ° C.

Including steam pot control DT-EH, fully automatic digital thermometer adjustable from room temperature to 98 ° C. After the heating phase, the heating power is reduced to 20%. There is hardly any drop in temperature when opening, because when the lid is closed, the heater is fully switched on for a short time. Continuous operation or up to 6 h with timer, removal signal, monitoring-free operation.

Including matching round mesh basket, mesh size 10 × 10 mm, stackable high.


Package contents


Ground support pad Serves as a storage area for sterile goods containers. The flat design also allows the sterilization of 2 containers with so-called “PrimelineLine” lids on top of each other
Shelf center Can be inserted at two different heights or used flat instead of the ground support