Contingency concepts

Contingency concepts, replacements und rental systems

In the laboratory, in pharmaceutical production but also in the field of sterile supplies (AEMP or CSSD), replacement solutions for defective equipment, system components and systems for complete treatment processes (eg cleaning and disinfection including sterilization and storage) must be found and installed at short notice.

Such devices, system components, or systems are usually in stock at HP Medizintechnik in operational and validatable condition. You can find detailed information in the section “Rental Systems for Hospitals”.

These devices or complete systems are also maintained on call under an agreement. You can take precautionary measures at hospitals against potential risks of failure, so that in the event of a malfunction your department can resume operation in a short time by having the necessary devices or equipment e.g. a complete preparation unit for sterile goods available.

Alternatively, we can store a system or system components that are in your ownership. We maintain this during the contract period as part of our “value preservation concept”. Your product will be made available in maintained condition on demand and upon request also assembled (for example on a predefined free space).

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